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Hello! I'm Brandon Bozarth an
below is a story I've told hundreds of times
A story that never gets old, always inspires, and always reminds me of why I do what I do.
It is not just my story, it is the narrative that is my calling.

Grass Roots

As you can see, I grew up a very happy kid! That's me and my twin brother Josh. My older brother and parents are not in the picture obviously... sorry mom! Anyways, I had a beautiful upbringing and for the most part "avoided" certain drama's I would see other families go through. Divorce, abuse, neglect etc... You could say we were protected from these things. As a result I didn't have to experience them, but I also never learned how to respond to drama, trauma or really any negativity. It was this challenge that lead little innocent ol' me through an epic series of challenges that birthed a search for the answers to many of life's most intimidating questions... Why do people do what they do? What is the truth? How can I make this world better?

From density emerged my destiny 

I use the word "dense" to describe those heavy, negative feelings we have all felt before. This portion of my life was my "Dark night of the soul" as some may describe it. In other words, I was on an emotional roller coaster and search for identity spiraling somewhere far from who I truly wanted to be. But you would never know that... As I thought I answered a few of those big questions I mentioned earlier, I found myself as an entrepreneur in a top sales position doing events and holding sales training seminars around the world. Meanwhile, I found a mentor, explored spirituality, and invested heavily in personal development. Everything SEEMED great... little did most people know I was also doing steroids, drinking every weekend, lost, and couldn't save a buck to save my life! I didn't understand how my life was turning out this way, all I knew was that I had to make a change.

The newsletter that changed my life and saved another's...

I hit a breaking point. Everything was out of whack and I knew I had to do something different. I knew there was something bigger and deeper I was meant to become. Making a declaration to enforce this decision I chose to only follow what is 100% representative of my excitement, and nothing less. This lead me to quit my sales position, start sharing my voice through social media, and start a newsletter. One day I sent a newsletter out, as I did every week, that CHANGED EVERYTHING for me. The subject line of the email said "I'm excited to die," which was a catchy way for me to explain how we can bring the feelings that "afterlife" promises us here to earth WITHOUT having to die! Little did I know this email was received by someone who was contemplating ending their life. Soon after this person became my first client. Six months later my clients life was completely turned around, and through a whirlwind of personal growth, fears, tears, and victories my purpose became clear.

"I know why I am here" 

This new found insight of deeper meaning for my life brought great clarity. I could see how everything I ever did prepared me for everything I will ever do and become. How everything is connected and how I am a small part of a galactic orchestra that balances and harmonizes all things. That the learning process was only necessary to unlearn the truth of what I always thought I was. That destiny sometimes has to emerge from density. I then decided to dedicate my life to a path of unlearning all that limited me so I could pass it on to others. This process is called integration, and it is an art form that leads to a fuller expression of love and your true self. As I continue to study neuroscience, quantum physics, ancient teachings, conciseness, metaphysics, psychology, behavior design and so on... I progressively remember I am here to be a leader and catalyst to the new world that is being birthed, a world based in love, collaboration, community, and growth.

Expanding the message

Inspired to give this message to the world, I sought some of the worlds best teachers and began bringing this message to as many people as I could. I started a full time coaching business, retreats, workshops and seminars in the U.S. and abroad. I also found the love of my life and got a dog named Reishi... she's a chiwinnie and she can move objects with her mind... Anyway this brings me to current day where you will find me on social media, and hosting in person events all around personal transformation, spirituality and human potential.

Health & Wealth to you...

I wish you knew the inside joke behind what I am doing in that picture... If you follow my social media I'm sure you do! I want to leave you with a message and that message is this:

Everything you are looking for will present itself when you need not look for it... for looking itself steers you away from the nest in which the answers you seek rest. Within you, in a state of love, will all answers to all questions arise in divine timing. That's how powerful you are.

and so it is...

With love,

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