A journey from a coach to a facilitator of miracles. Go anywhere, with anyone, transform any level of suffering. This is a path to deepen your connection with God/Goddess All That Is. As you SHIFT so will your current or future clients.

Watch the video for an in-depth look at the curriculum and what you can expect to experience!

This is for you if...

  • You are looking to become a more effective facilitator of transformation and healing for others

  • You are curious or inspired by ACIM but do not understand how it applies practically in your life or coaching practice

  • You are inspired by the teachings of Christ and know that you have the ability to work miracles with others 

  • You still feel there are topics that are "edgier" than others to support others with  

  • Your clients are having trouble "getting results"

  • You are frustrated with your clients or a relationship that you feel needs to change

  • You are an advanced coach/guide for others and feel your sessions can be more simple and effortless 

  • You want to improve your discernment between your ego thoughts and higher mind

  • You are ready for a deeper connection with God

  • If you don't have clients you feel afraid of lack or question your worth

  • You know at your core detachment is the path to freedom and are ready to release more layers of perceived "needs" and addictions


  • 8 recorded training videos

  • 8 recorded live Q and A videos with self-inquiry and live coaching

  • 6 bonus pre-recorded private 1 on 1 client sessions on topics like "identity crisis, healing your relationship with your parents, transforming triggers in relationships, money stress, etc..."

  • Private FB group for discussion

  • In-depth self-inquiry training

  • The middle way between "trauma-informed" training and mind/belief work

  • Experience from over 1,000 clients and 16 retreats and live events 

  • How to build your 'spiritual coaching business' bonus video

  • Sales in the new paradigm bonus video

  • Other tools to improve your effectiveness as a facilitator

  • ACIM inspired guidance and insight to become a "miracle worker"


next steps & payment options!

Get started now by clicking the image if you feel inspired. The course is a go at your own pace format meaning you can join at any time. As soon as you checkout you will receive an email confirmation. Within the email, you will get a link to the private Facebook group that is housing all of the MM content.


Payment plans start at about $83 down! Click the product image to view the payment plan or sign up at the full price.