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A Meditation Journey to rewire the brain and unlock your consciousness 

Misty Slopes

Cosmic Circuitry is designed to rewire the brain, create more plasticity in the neurological net of the brain, awaken compartmentalized aspects of your consciousness, and activate dormant DNA.

Shapes like the infinity loop have been used in mediation (even in some mainstream psychology as well as in buddhism) to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and even help with neurological disorders. This was common practice with many ancient and advanced societies, only instead of calling them 'Cosmic Circuits' they were called 'Runes' or 'Sigils'


Once I became aware of my connection to my Essassani counter part (future life) I started to receive more symbols. My counter part would call these symbols ‘Cosmic Circuitry’ and is much more complex than we could perceive from our point of view. This is then, a translation of this circuitry to ‘fit’ our physical reality.

Receive the circuits and learn how to use them over a very specific four week mediation practice by clicking the button below

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