Inquiry Workshop

Experience the power of Integrated Self Inquiry as you watch the attendees face their deepest fears and trauma and guide themselves to freedom and healing. Hosted and facilitated by Jayden & Brandon

You will learn...

  • The basics of inquiry: a direct path to freedom from our stressful thinking

  • How to identify and transform common relationship challenges

  • The four questions used to go from suffering to peace 

  • Where trauma healing, Inquiry, and Non-duality meet for a powerful and simple method of transformation and self-realization


"Life and encounters are easier now in the sense that I can observe the thoughts and reactions as they are arising and I take them to inquiry. It’s as if the world is not as I used to see it and interact with it. It’s amazing! One has to experience it to appreciate it. I want everyone to be guided by you or anyone else that would help them live like this. This is the New World, The New Earth! Thank you for guiding me to it."


Carmen Azpeitia