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Atlantis Rising Activation Pendant

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Each pendant is ceremonially charged with a master charing crystal that has been imbued directly with the energy of the Mitchell Hedges Crystal skull. This frequency contains the energy of all 13 skulls. The symbol on the image is an activation symbol meant to allow you to access the channeling or 'flow state' more easily and is what opened Brandon up to the wisdom of The 13 (now a retreat series, online course, and book). 

Becoming a pendant holder is an act of anchoring a certain timeline that resonates with balancing the masculine and feminine polarities within each of us, creating a web of energy between each holder, and the return of ancient wisdom. All together a pendant holder is someone who is on the leading edge of their personal evolution and the evolution of the planet in becoming an interplanetary society based in peace, unity, and expansion. In other words they are here to play a crucial part, as a leader, in the rise of Atlantis 2.0 without the fall...

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