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Fear Of The Unknown

Fear of the unknown!

The unknown is the sea of new expression...

The canvas for creativity...

The adventurous, self discovering process that expands the universe...

The known is the past. It can only be recycled. Operating your future based 100% on what is known is denying the creative energy that flows through you

So why is the unknown so scary?

It is scary because our logical mind (our ego) has a desire to know "how" something will work so it can insure safety...

The paradox is that our physical minds are literally incapable of understanding how something may work because it only operates from the conditioning of the "known" (past)

Which works great to keep us safe, but sabotages us in the face of change.

In the unknown you will only discover more of who you are because you will be forced to use your imagination, your intellect, your intuition, and most importantly have new experiences that will more precisely help you define what you do and don't want which is the process of pulling you closer to your source

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