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Fulfillment Simplified

The only two concepts needed for absolute fulfillment...

1) Understanding there is no end to your existence, that you are an internal, indestructible being that has always been, and will always be.

That you have simply chosen to have a temporary physical experience to learn more about who you are

2) Be who you really are.

Wake up to the fact that you have a unique perspective that births your unique insights that births your unique gifts that all of creation conspired to give you...

Aka being who you are and expressing your gifts is the way of living an awesome life...

You need nothing because you contain everything, just follow what excites you and everything will take care of itself. If your friends don't like this "New you" understand they never really knew (until now) the true you. Meaning they were friends with a different version of you. The most demanding task is to live in the image of how someone else would like you to be...

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