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You are not alone...

You are not alone. Ever. I happen to believe you are a wave in the vast ocean of all that is. That the ocean and the wave are not separate, they are one. Look up to the stars and you will realize you are part of a single, incomprehensible multiverse. You are a puzzle piece in a cosmic puzzle. If one piece is left out, the ENTIRE thing is incomplete. You were CHOSEN to exist. - Your "one piece" is just as important as the entire thing.

Feeling "alone" is simply feeling separate from all that is, which couldn't be farther from the truth 🙌 Every decision along the line of evolutionary events over the last 17 billion years had to happen to lead you to read this now... Think you may be a tad special? ☺ So Instead of buying into the lies, ask yourself what story/lie you are buying into, then create a new story. The story of how you belong, deserve and are at one and equal to everyone and everything in existence 🙌

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