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Integrated Somatic Inquiry Session

Merging German New Medicine With Somatic Inquiry
Discover the science-backed psycho-somatic root of your symptoms
and use somatic inquiry to find lasting resolution beyond root cause.

Forest Home
A New Medicine
German New Medicine is the science of the root cause of all dis-ease demonstrated by 20 years of research and application by Dr. Hamer. Through his 40,000 brain scans and interviews he discovered the root cause of all disease originated in the psyche, then impacts the brain, and lastly the organ. Western medicine treats the issue in the reverse order and typically only treats the organ resulting in symptom management vs root cause healing. In other words, your symptoms are doorways into your psyche... Integrated self-inquiry is how we repattern the psyche at the level of the subconscious (the body/mind). ISI bypasses the conscious mind to unearth and integrate unconscious repressed emotions and trauma that are the cause of your symptoms. Together this makes a potent process of knowing yourself, trusting your body, and becoming your own best doctor. Not to mention who you become on the other side of your dis-ease, disease is a gateway to your destiny. After a year and a half of study/application of GNM, and 9 years working with over 1,000 clients with Somatic Inquiry, I am excited to bring together these two worlds and share something special with you... 

What Do You Get?

  1. A report of your symptoms decoded and what biological conflicts you may be running and how they are affecting your biology

  2. Be guided by Brandon through somatic inquiry to discover resolution

  3. Be guided into what changes in your life and relationships that are specific to you that would deepen your healing and not just lead to symptom resolution but to more freedom

Each person is only allowed one session than you must take a course or sign up for a package Click below to fill out the symptom intake form and book your session


gmn course7.png

This was after a week of deep inquiry, changes in diet and body work

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