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An Equation of Remembrance

"I received ten times my investment in The 13. I went from attempting to be supported in my passion, to being abundantly supported facilitating workshops, selling my herbal medicine products, and one on one coaching. I have new amazing friends and am literally living my dream life. The 13 was the most transformational process of my life"
-Zachary Heidmann
Healer, Transformational Facilitator and founder of Sacred Wellness

What Is The 13?

Learn more about the 13 relationships that comprise up The 13, what the program entails, and what new additions we have made to this 2.0 version by watching the video below!

The 13 Are Here To Remind You Who You ARE

The 13 is a holistic, psycho-spiritual framework designed to create holistic personal transformation allowing you to return to your most natural and empowered state.


You will be given all you need to live your passion while being abundantly supported, without having to sacrifice or create struggle to do so (You don’t have to be broke or live in scarcity to be spiritual or live your Dharma!).

You will embody personal power thus healing from relationships, trauma or self-sabotage that keeps you in patterns you don’t prefer and away from deep connection (Other people and what they do or don't do does not have to affect you).

You will develop inner peace, which is the ability to feel fear, leap into the unknown, and remain centered and empowered enough to ‘coach’ yourself back into alignment, no matter the circumstances. The intention of the course in the most simple terms is to "Know Yourself" for that is all that is required to live a life of ecstatic joy, presence, and passion.





These three areas of thought combined create a holistic and total life-transforming process

The Story, Depth, and Foundation of This Program

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull is a 'Duplicate' skull of the master skull of Atlantis

The 13 represents the distillation and extrapolation of the last two years of the initial download grounded in the last 10 years of spiritual and personal mentorship, teaching, and facilitating.


Brandon has embodied this information creating a state of being that has allowed him to act on his passion in many exciting ways. He has facilitated 16+ retreats and workshops in five countries in just 2.5 years. He has worked with A-list celebrities, tech billionaires, personal development gurus, taught in schools, and everything in between. 

This is shared as 13 different relationships that make up the 13 major aspects of consciousness. The energy and archetype of 13 is found within the fruit of life in sacred geometry, the 13 crystal skulls of Atlantis, the 13 astrological signs, Jesus and the 12 apostles, and many more synchronistic parallels you will discover in the program. All council members will receive a Crystal pendant with the symbol transmission that has been charged by the master skull of Atlantis and carries the information of The 13 connecting the council of miracle workers energetically worldwide. 

The curriculum was given to Brandon as a download of information all at once in Galway, Ireland after a 6-day transformational retreat he was co-leading. Two years prior, he had received information that turned into a 6-week course called IIST which he knew at the time was incomplete. This new information completed the framework and laid out the entirety of the 13 Relationships.

The retreat in Ireland Brandon co-lead just before receiving The 13

The last day of the last round of The 13 retreat

For this round of The 13, Brandon has partnered with three transformational facilitators and healers (Zachary, Lancelot, and Jayden) who are each bringing a unique aspect of mastery and gifts to create a program and process more powerful than any one of us could create alone.

Altogether this course offers an Equation of Remembrance designed to help you Know Yourself. Based in "external" universal laws that govern the universe as well as "internal" universal laws that govern your personal experience of life. We invite you into a supportive growth-centered community who act as spiritual companions and provide accountability along your personal and spiritual journey. By completing and graduating this program, you also become eligible for CELL group leadership. CELL is our global transformational community and movement. You can learn more about this on a call with a 13 facilitator!


You are a master and it is natural for you to live a life of passion, power, and peace. You are attracted to this because there is something here for you, whether it’s joining The 13 or not. We do know that the next step is to lean into that feeling and find out what is here for you. Apply below to schedule a call to see what the most empowering choice for you will be!

The 13 Relationships

Relationship with Creation 

Relationship with Physical Reality 

Relationship to Yourself (ego self)

Relationship with Space and Time 

Relationship with Fear and Beliefs

Relationship to Addiction 

Relationship to Others (intimacy)

Relationship to Others (friends, family and others)

Relationship to Abundance and Service

Relationship to Knowledge and Morality

Relationship to Language and Sound

Relationship to Permission, Daily Rituals and Self-Healing (placebo)

Relationship to Nature and Death

The 13 Is For You If You Can Relate To At Least One Of These Things 

  • Feeling stuck in self-sabotaging loops of negativity

  • Getting triggered often without being able to use the experience in a positive way

  • Feeling overwhelmed as an "Empath"

  • Feeling closed off to others

  • Often feeling guilt, shame, anger or out of control

  • Confusion as to what is your passion

  • Not experiencing financial and all other forms of support while living your passion

  • Expressing 90% of your passion but still aren’t experiencing yourself as ALL IN as your most expanded self

  • Relationships seem to repeat patterns of the past

  • Addiction of any kind

  • You feel like you can’t heal past trauma

  • You fear other people's opinions

  • You are self-conscious about your body

  • You are an advanced healer and are ready to embody a higher level of your greater self

  • You are excited to learn about the nature of reality

  • You are devoted to self-mastery and spiritual realization

  • You seek a community and a movement that combines consciousness and personal transformation

  • You are overloaded with "spiritual" information and are seeking a grounded understanding of existence and yourself

  • You wish to develop the understanding to coach people at all levels

  • You remember in the deepest level of your heart there is more to life than you are living and feel guidance and support is just what you need...then this is for you.

What Experience Will You Choose?

There Are Three Tiers Of Engagement, payment plans available ONLY 60 SPOTS!

Tier One ($1,000)

*13 live weekly group calls

*13 recorded zoom calls of the original 13 transmissions

*A lifetime of connection with a community of growth-centered like-minded people in our private Facebook group

*All calls are recorded and given to you to download and keep

Tier Two ($2,500)

*13 live weekly group calls

*13 recorded zoom calls of the original 13 transmissions

*A lifetime of connection with a community of growth centered like-minded people in our private Facebook group

*All calls are recorded and given to you to keep

*6 one on one sessions with

one of The 13 facilitators 

Tier Three ($5,000)

*13 live weekly group calls

*13 recorded zoom calls of the original 13 transmissions

*A lifetime of connection with a community of growth centered like-minded people in our private Facebook group

*All calls are recorded and given to you to keep

*6 one on one sessions with

one of The 13 facilitators

*A 5-day retreat in Costa Rica, all expenses paid (except travel)

*A custom herbal medicine kit for physical and emotional ailments

*A crystal pendant with The 13 vibration as well as the frequency of the Master Skull of Atlantis ( The Mitchell-Hedges Skull)

*This level allows you to become a CELL leader and an official member of the global council

Your Facilitators

A Combined 30 years of experience 

Brandon Bozarth

The Facilitator of Miracles

In just the past three years, Brandon has brought his work and understanding of human nature and the nature of consciousness to over 5 different countries. He has facilitated 15+ workshops and retreats all focused on deep healing, holistic transformation, spiritual realization, and living your PASSION. His clients have built 7 figure+ businesses, healed themselves of tumors and other disease, become successful and adept healers and mentors to others, and much more. He is also the founder of CELL (Communities of Enlightened Love and Leadership), a global, free, transformational meet-up group.

Jayden Grahlman

Coach, Mentor, and Sacred Song Writer

Jayden Grahlman is a transformational facilitator with an uncanny ability to bring everyone around him to heaven (Love). He assists others in effortlessly letting go of bags (Beliefs) they’ve picked up along the way that have nothing to do with who they really are, so they can be themselves and live a life of miracles. Jayden is a sound alchemist and sacred songwriter who brings through deep metaphysical transmissions through the mother of all science: Mu~sic.

Zachary Heidemann

A True Medicine Man

Transforming addiction and trauma into living his dream life as a medicine man, host of sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and guide of transformational one-on-one work, Zachary is a true healer. He walked away from a six-figure corporate position to follow his passion. He is currently co-leading a medicinal and sustainable farm and healing center - living his dream life! He lives his life as sacred and is gifted at helping you transform any resistance or pain in your life back into a sacred relationship.

Lancelot Stukaloff

Embodiment, Breathwork, and Ayurvedic teacher

Lancelot Stukaloff grew up in an isolated New Age community in rural Montana. Immersed in spirituality, exploration of consciousness, and human optimization from a young age, he has since cultivated a passion for simplifying spiritual concepts to make them accessible to anyone wishing to improve their experience of life. He is certified in and teaches many forms of breathwork used to transform the body's physiology, emotional state, and even create mystical experiences. His knowledge of the ancient Vedic science of Ayurveda is used to bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance and harmony. Lancelot started his own business in his early 20s, creating multiple 6 figures for himself as a successful spiritual entrepreneur.

What Our Graduates Are Saying!

More Testimonials

Brandon reached out to me during a time in my life where I felt very confused and scared. I was going through many life transitions and I felt alone. Friends and family around me just made me feel worse. After speaking with Brandon briefly, I knew the 13 was what I needed, solely on the clarity and calmness I felt after. He, along with the loving community of like minded individuals in the program, helped me rediscover my self, which anchored me into peace. From this new state of being, my outside situations started shifting and matching my new vibration. During the 13 weeks some of these major changes included, weening off my antidepressants of 10 years and aligning with a healthier living situation, job and intimate relationship. I feel grateful that I listened to the pull to take this program, the value it provided and continues to provide is something very special.

Natalie Gatta

Being a part of the 13 was one of the most expansive and synchronistic experiences of my life. Being connected to the energy of the beautiful people in the group and the guidance and energy from Brandon, helped me integrate and completely transform in ways I just couldn’t figure out how to do on my own. And the process was light, exciting, fun and beautiful! Anytime I felt heaviness, I was able to lean into the group and instantly be reminded how to walk out of the density. Being a part of the 13 has taught me the most integral teachings and lessons that I apply to my daily life. The 13 was a lighthouse which showed me the way back to myself & I am forever grateful for the energy and people connected in the group. My experience with The 13 was quite literally life-changing.

Adrienne Davis









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