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Your freedom begins when 
the war within you ends

Brandon Bozarth | Integrated Self Inquiry

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"The shift I experienced working with Brandon was MONUMENTAL. I've never felt so light, so at ease, and so trusting of life. It's changing everything! Already! There are no words to express my awe and gratitude."

-Ash Stevens

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"Awakening seems radical due only to the degree in which we have drifted from what is most natural"

Brandon teaches the embodiment of the "Non-Dual Awakening" realization that has been referenced in every major religion and spiritual tradition over the last 10,000 years.  He founded Integrated Self Inquiry (ISI) as a process of revealing inner peace through radical truth-telling. His holistic approach to experiencing genuine freedom in all areas of life has been taught in workshops, retreats, and in his online courses all over the world over the past decade.

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"I've worked with coaches for over 30 years and with over 200 corporations and Brandon is one of the most talented facilitators I know"

-Dusty Staub, Founder of EQIQ and Staub Leadership

Current Offerings

A genuine awakening is not subtle, it is a seeing of what is true that will dissolve all that is untrue resulting in radical liberation. The attitude of someone who has had a genuine awakening is kindness, compassion, gratitude, open-mindedness, abundance, joy, peace, and endless courage to face and feel 'uncomfortable emotions.' 

The wisdom attained from awakening is the acceptance that we will continue to integrate our awakening into every area of our lives, deeper and deeper, endlessly. That integration process is our "Sadhana" or spiritual practice. To get support from Brandon in your Sadnha whether it's in the context of relationships, your passion/service, past trauma etc... read below for current offerings.

For professional inquiries or bookings please contact


“Brandon has been an amazing mentor in all aspects of my life... whatever I thought was impossible I now know is possible. Relationships are more meaningful in my life and I felt I grew stronger & wiser with each session. Thank you for the amazing impact you have had on my life.”

Angela Rani, United Kingdom

"Brandon's personality is electrifying and genuine. Our experience together started with me receiving so much value from watching his Instagram stories, to him helping me achieve a full time income doing what I love. Although he helped a lot with surface level aspects of my life (income, day design, habits) what was truly remarkable is how he taught me to change my inner world, how he guided me to love and accept myself, to allow the identity I wanted to embody, and to surrender to my suppressed emotions so I can achieve the greatness I, and all of us, deserve. I can't thank Brandon enough. His coaching is powerful and effective."

Lexi Harry, Photographer and entrepreneur

"Life and encounters are easier now in the sense that I can observe the thoughts and reactions as they are arising and I take them to inquiry. It’s as if the world is not as I used to see it and interact with it. It’s amazing! One has to experience it to appreciate it. I want everyone to be guided by you or anyone else that would help them live like this. This is the New World, The New Earth! Thank you for guiding me to it."

Carmen Azpeitia

"I felt such a release of my old identity and had so many emotions move that brought a clarity I haven't had before."

Jessica Drennen

"Working one on one with you changed my life in ways I could have never imagine​d and I am forever grateful."

Katelyn Bush - Ayurvedic Business Coach

"Brandon has an innate ability to empower you to shift your thinking very quickly in a direction that will better serve you. If you are looking to up level your life from the inside out then Brandon gets my recommendation every time as a truly positive and powerfully effective coach in support of you becoming the best you!"

James Williams, High Performance Coach, London

"Brandon, with the help of your guidance I was able to shift a feeling that I have had for 3.5 years!!! I was chasing love and attention and could financially shift it! I'm sitting here in tears because this is everything my heart truly wanted. Thank you! I cannot find words for my appreciation"

Judith Doring - Awakening Coach

"Ok that was one of the most amazing 26 minutes of my life! Thank you. I'm sat here a little speechless just processing it all. You're so epic and so generous I really appreciate your time and all of your advice... I can barely believe how empowered I feel after just 26 minutes, now to step into it - feels so good I might dance!"

Kiki Sunshine, Empowerment Coach

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