"Your freedom begins when 

the war within you ends..."



"The doctors couldn't explain it! I went to Brandon's retreat, and once I got back in for a check up the doctor told me the tumor was gone!"

-Marny Mandel

"The shift I experienced working with Brandon was MONUMENTAL. I've never felt so light, so at ease, and so trusting of life. It's changing everything! Already! There are no words to express my awe and gratitude."

-Ash Stevens


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The world is in need of a miracle right now. But what is a miracle? A miracle is a shift in perception. Only do things change when we change first how we are perceiving ourselves in relationship to them. What happens when you shift your deepest most unconscious negative fear based beliefs? Your trauma? You are reborn! But not a NEW you, you return to the NATURAL you, you have always been but have forgotten. Therefore my passion is to remind you of who you truly are so you can live life in the most natural way you were intended to. To be fully supported in acting on your passion/s fully, to obtain ever lasting inner peace through healing and integration, and to stand in your life and relationships in your power as an extension of the love that you are. If you are not living in your highest excitement, if you are triggered by your relationships constantly, if your health and habits are sabotaging, or if you are struggling with abundance, the answer is always, ALWAYS, the same. Integration. To integrate and transform all the unconscious negative beliefs that are like the blueprints for all of your behavior that ultimately create all of the results in your life. Only until you transform these beliefs and accept who you truly are will you find yourself. REMEMBER! You incarnated at this time to forget who you were so you could remember! This process is the point. This is our collective purpose! To remember the mysteries of the universe as a reflection of the mysteries within yourself! All of my offerings you will find on this page do two main things. One, help you KNOW YOURSELF which they say 'is the only journey worth taking.' Knowing yourself meaning you can identify the inner critic and negative emotions, without judging them, but rather develop a positive relationship to them to allow yourself to 'self coach' yourself back into alignment and joy when met with adversity and challenge. Two, to understand how consciousness, science, psychology, math and many other schools of thought all point to the same thing. This gives you answers to age old questions like 'why am I here?' what is my purpose? what is consciouness and the laws that govern it?' (which if you have paid attention I have already answered a few of those above! Again I do not claim for this to be the ULTIMATE TRUTH! Rather take what information is useful and chuck the rest! The understanding I speak of will give you a universal context that reflects the knowledge of the ancient and modern world; that YOU are All That Is, YOU can create your reality any way you prefer, you are an indestructible infinite spirit, and that you prepared lifetimes for THIS ONE, and much more...

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“Brandon has been an amazing mentor in all aspects of my life from career, health, finances and relationships. He speaks words of wisdom and whatever I thought was impossible is possible. I applied for a 3 month coaching plan which was the stepping stone to creating my new life. I came across Brandon at the right time when I felt unstuck at ‘crossroads’ as I had fear of taking the ‘alternative’ direction. I now have the courage to work towards my goals and passion to launch my business in the near future. Relationships are more meaningful in my life. Brandon also helped me with a 30 day health plan.  Brandon has an amazing personality and I grew stronger & wiser with each session. Thank you for the amazing impact you have had on my life.”

Angela Rani, United Kingdom

"Brandon's personality is electrifying and genuine. Our experience together started with me receiving so much value from watching his Instagram stories, to him helping me achieve a full time income doing what I love. Although he helped a lot with surface level aspects of my life (income, day design, habits) what was truly remarkable is how he taught me to change my inner world, how he guided me to love and accept myself, to allow the identity I wanted to embody, and to surrender to my suppressed emotions so I can achieve the greatness I, and all of us, deserve. I can't thank Brandon enough. His coaching is powerful and effective."

Lexi Harry, Photographer and entrepreneur

"Brandon is one of the most caring and cut-through-the-BS coaches for coaches that I know. He took a stand for me to ask for the amount from clients that is representative of the value of the life transforming work that I do with people, and within two weeks I received $5000 from a new client who recognized the value too. 

He taught me to own my worth, to ask for and to receive the clients and money that are in full alignment with what I give. I highly recommend working with him, he is so epic and the level of investment to do so will come back to you 10 fold and more."


Lillie Love, Relationship Coach

"After my first interaction with Brandon Bozarth, I knew instantly I wanted him to be my coach. He is a powerful communicator, who is able to understand any situation from the other persons perspective and he genuinely wants to help others succeed in life. In one afternoon, Brandon was able to help me redefine the strategy for my business and provide coaching on how to grow within my market using proven systems, which led to me seeing results. After every interaction with Brandon I feel uplifted, inspired and focused on my goals!

Delcina Young - Director at Exclaim Your Power, London

"Brandon has changed my life but forever and made an immense impact on my life. As young entrepreneur  there were many challenges I faced. Through out the many of my projects along the way I bumped into Brandon and quickly resonated with him because he was into personal development as much as I was. I saw that he was very knowledgable and that I could learn a lot from him so I stayed a close friend and eventually he became my mentor, not only in business but life.

Mario Ayer - Founder of The Next Generation Entrepreneur. California 

Experiencing first hand Brandon as a coach, a speaker and an over all vibrant presence was a gift, a real pleasure. Brandon has a true gift for connection and is an extremely intuitive and compassionate coach. He has an innate ability to empower you to shift your thinking very quickly in a direction that will better serve you. If you are looking to up level your life from the inside out then Brandon gets my recommendation every time as a truly positive and powerfully effective coach in support of you becoming the best you!
James Williams, High Performance Coach, London

"Brandon is someone who truly inspires me. I love connecting with him and can tell him anything (he has made me feel 100% comfortable to be me). I appreciate Brandon's presence. I know he has done his inner work. Brandon is: grounded, present, and speaks from a place of; love, authenticity, and experience. His enthusiasm, excitement for life, vulnerability, and trust in the universe is contagious. He is someone who truly cares and is going to make a difference in the world. I feel so blessed to have Brandon as a friend/mentor in my life."

Ivory VanVeen - Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Personal Trainer, U.K. 

"I want to express my gratitude for everything you've helped me with. You're an incredible mentor and even a more amazing friend! I am so grateful to have manifested you such a gifted being. Again - thank you for being yourself and for sharing your gifts with others. You really are living your truth in that way!"

Kaite Lynn

"Ok that was one of the most amazing 26 minutes of my life! Thank you. I'm sat here a little speechless just processing it all. You're so epic and so generous I really appreciate your time and all of your advice... I can barely believe how empowered I feel after just 26 minutes, now to step into it - feels so good I might dance!"

Kiki Sunshine, Empowerment Coach

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